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All Kids Are Cute When They Recite Their ABCs, But This Toddler With Downs Takes The Cake.

john david abcs

Everyone loves watching toddlers recite their ABCs, but few will ever capture as many hearts as little John David.

He and his parents live in Helena, Alabama, and in early 2016, his grandmother, Pam Sapp, joined the family on a trip to visit relatives in Jacksonville. And it was there where, for the first time ever, John David started saying his ABCs. He was just 2.5 years old at the time, and he was simply repeating after Pam. So it’s not all that newsworthy, except for the fact that he has Down syndrome.

pam and john david

Pam happened to get this milestone on camera and later posted it to Facebook, with the caption, “Best ABC’s I ever heard!”

She guides him through the alphabet, one letter at a time, and his recitation is too adorable for words, especially when he gets to “F.â€


Way to nail that enunciation, little man!

On they go through the alphabet, then we come to another adorable section:


With the hurdle of “R, S, T,”he works so hard to enunciate each and every letter!

But the truly adorable part is when he comes to “W.” You’ll seriously wish you could reach into your screen and wrap your arms around this little guy, he’s just that stinkin’ cute!

reaction to w

How could this video not go viral? But you’ll be surprised to know how quickly it caught fire, racking up multiple millions of views in just two days! Pam was surprised, too, but she takes a broader view of its appeal than just people enjoying watching a toddler say his ABCs.

He is a child with Down Syndrome that some people might personify as being delayed or someone to feel sorry for. But yet (in the video) you’re seeing him as a typical child with such joy. By the time he gets to the end with the W, you can tell he’s thinking, ‘I’ve got this, I can do it.’

Watch this little dude slay those letters in the video below, and share if you agree John David is just too cute for words!

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