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15 Times Celebrities Were Caught On Camera Being Awesome To Their Fans

Jason Momoa hands out drinks on flight and Post Malone greets fan in restaurant

An old adage urges us to “never meet your heroes,” because doing so is often disappointing. So, isn’t it nice when our favorite celebrities turn out to be just as nice off-screen as they are on?

Thanks to social media, we now get a front row seat whenever a celebrity is caught being naughty, or nice, in public. Below are fifteen occasions when we got to see stars step up to show their true character, and now we’re even bigger fans than we were before!

1. We’re “Crazy In Love” with the way Beyoncé treated this young blind fan during one of her concerts.

2. Post Malone was so kind and sincere when he stopped by to wish a young man with autism a happy birthday.

@ntschu @Post Malone Andrew’s 21st Birthday In LA meeting the kindest superstar ever! #postmalone #autismawareness #matsushisa ♬ original sound – Nicole Schumacher @ntschu

3. Jennifer Garner decides to treat everyone behind her in line to coffee. She didn’t forget to tip the employees, either!

4. Jennifer was on the receiving end of celebrity kindness when her teen idol, Donny Osmond, surprised her at lunch for her birthday.

5. Chris Martin of Coldplay invited deaf fan Enory to perform “Something Just Like This” on stage in sign language.

6. Brendan Fraser makes a fan’s day, and seals the deal with a fist bump.


#brendanfraser #brendanfraserappreciation #brenaissance i love this man 🥹 my photo op with him and my signed funko are on my instagram: imani.goulet • everyone always says to never meet your heroes, i met mine and we almost burst into tears talking to eachother. thank you for everything brendan! ♥️

♬ original sound – imani 🌱

7. As a child, Adam Scott once invited “Star Wars” idol Mark Hamill to his birthday party. Decades later, Luke Skywalker himself surprised Adam on a late night talk show.

8. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe’s son was homeschooled, but that didn’t stop them from throwing him a graduation party.

9. Harry Styles shares special message for his “first-ever school teacher” during one of his packed concerts.

10. Passengers were shocked (but thrilled!) when Jason Momoa started handing out Mananalu water during a flight to Hawaii.

11. Jennifer Garner surprised a teacher by shipping her entire classroom wish list to her house. It’s a West Virginia thing!

12. Keith Urban didn’t just ask this young singer to join him on stage… he handed her a guitar and asked her to play!

13. After the groom invited Keanu Reeves to his wedding after bumping into him in the hotel, they couldn’t believe he actually showed! (And he was a great guest… of course!)

14. Jimmy Fallon surprised an Army wife with a visit from her deployed hubby… and a living room renovation!

15. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s mom had the sweetest reaction to seeing the brand new home he bought her.

We don’t know about you, but we are fangirling so hard right now! It’s so refreshing to watch kind-hearted celebs in action.

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