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Jimmy Fallon Invites Army Wife On Stage For “Game” But Last Hint Leaves Her Stunned.

whisper challenge fallon

Even if you can’t stay up late enough to watch “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” you’ve probably stumbled across one of his segment games like Pictionary or Lip-Sync Battle.

The late-night show is full of fun entertainment, so when an audience member was chosen to play the Whisper Challenge on Jimmy’s special Veteran’s Day episode, she figured she’d be in for a good laugh – but she got so much more.


Jimmy started out by calling lucky seat number 418, but oddly, no one in the veteran-filled audience stood up. The host stalled a little and looked around before India reluctantly came forward and made her way down to the stage. The veteran was clearly uncomfortable with all the attention, which made the segment all the funnier.

india on fallon

After Jimmy explains the game to India (twice, because she’s so flustered), they take turns wearing headphones that are playing loud music. Whoever isn’t wearing the headphones has to read phrases off a card and the other player has to guess what’s being said, just by reading their lips.

It was comical, to say the least.


India is a veteran (and active duty), but her husband is also in the military. When she first arrived onstage, Jimmy “discovered” that her spouse was deployed, which is why he wasn’t in attendance. Amazingly, it never crossed India’s mind that the talk show host had a trick up his sleeve the whole game…

But, after a couple of rounds, it was Jimmy’s turn to read the card again and this time it read “Your Husband Is Behind You.”


After a few seconds of guessing on India’s part, Jimmy turned the card around for her. Even still, she was confused – which is fair, because that’s a pretty random thing to write for a game. Luckily, it didn’t take her too long to realize that this was no longer a game and that her husband actually was standing behind her!


As if the reunion wasn’t enough, Jimmy teamed up with T-Mobile to donate to a cause very close to the couples’ hearts. India had been trying to raise money to update and improve the family room at Maryland’s Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, and T-Mobile didn’t just donate – they covered everything!


Something tells us that the next time India is randomly called for a moment in the spotlight, she won’t be quite so hesitant.

Watch the hilarious, awkward, sweet segment in the video below – and don’t forget to share!

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