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“Wheel Of Fortune” Contestant’s Guess Baffles Viewers — Then Touches Their Hearts.

Pat Sajak looks over at a contestant on "Wheel of Fortune" with a confused look after she guessed an unusual letter.

We’ve shared some great stories with you before about game shows. Remember the “Jeopardy!” contestant who competed while battling terminal cancer? How about the time Steve Harvey gave an amazing motivational speech during “Family Feud?” Once again, we’re sharing an incredible story that takes place on a game show, but this time it’s “Wheel of Fortune.”

In 2017, this long-running game show had their first-ever veteran’s week. As the contestants, who were all veterans, neared the final round, Nura Fountano was solidly in the lead. But when the final round came, she stunned host Pat Sajak by guessing the letter Z.

After that, things got even more bizarre. Nura asked for an X, then took too long to answer, missing on opportunity to come back from the mistake… but was it actually a mistake?

“May I ask you a question?” Sajak later said to Nura. “You called some unusual letters that round!”

Nura shrugged his question off saying, “That’s what I saw.”

Like Sajak, watchers were initially confused by Nura’s actions. But then people began to figure out what was up… Nura had thrown the round on purpose so that a fellow veteran could win some money!

Once her clever and selfless plan became clear, the praises for Nura’s actions came pouring in on social media!

In the end, Nura’s plan worked perfectly, and the cash was awarded to fellow contestant, Steve. He had started the round with just $1,600 but ended with an impressive $6,400!

Nura went on to win the show, even with the thrown round, and all three veterans walked away with winnings. How awesome is that?

Watch Nura’s selfless plan unfold in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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