2021’s Top Stories Are Reminding Everyone How Much Good There Is In The World.

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It’s hard to believe another year is in the books!

The end of the year is always a good opportunity to reflect on everything we’ve learned and experienced along the way. Here at InspireMore, we like to revisit some of the stories that made the biggest impact on our readers. These quirky, interesting, and yes, inspiring stories are truly unforgettable.

1. This perfectly synchronized dance routine is so amazing we can’t look away.

Professional dancer and choreographer Sadeck Waff is known for using movement to create optical delights. This kaleidoscopic number had us all spellbound!

2. Youngest preemie to survive sets Guinness World Record – wait until you see him now!

Curtis Zy-Keith Means was born 132 days early at 20 weeks and 1 day. He was given just a 1 percent chance of survival, but this little fighter not only pulled through, he also set a new world record.

3. Guilty toddler explains why he is covered in marker in hilarious home video.

Their mom’s back was only turned for a few moments, but that was enough time for this “triple toddler tornado” to cover their brother in head-to-toe marker! When she saw what they’d done, their faces were the picture of guilt.

4. Fifteen heartwarming photos that will boost your mood in seconds.

Some pictures really do convey a thousand words! All of these sweet photos tell a story of kindness and joy guaranteed to make your day just a little bit brighter.

5. Homeless man’s stunning makeover helps him reunite with long-lost family.

João Coelho Guimarães had been living on the streets of Brazil for three years when he wandered into a barber shop hoping to borrow scissors to trim his beard. Instead, the kind barber insisted on sending him away fed, happy, and practically unrecognizable!

6. “Are you OK?” Waitress saves abused child’s life by holding up one simple note.

When Flaviane Carvalho was called to fill in for a sick colleague on New Year’s Day, the waitress had no idea she’d be put in a position to rescue an abused child.

7. Newlyweds bust out their funniest dance moves and leave guests in stitches.

When Steven and Claire tied the knot in Santa Cruz, California, they decided to do something surprising for their first dance. Let’s just say, it might have started off slow and sweet… but by the end, the entire room was rolling in the aisles

8. Twenty-two breathtaking photos of this beautiful planet we share.

There’s no better way to honor Earth Day than to marvel at some of the world’s most naturally beautiful places. Take an armchair adventure with us!

9. Twelve-year-old with size-18 feet finally has stylish shoes thanks to kind NBA players.

It’s not easy being 12 years old and bigger than just about everyone around you. Joseph Gamez is already 6 feet, 6 inches tall and wears a size-18 shoe. When his mom asked a Facebook group for help finding stylish shoes to fit him, she couldn’t believe what happened.

10. Fifteen hilarious stories that will tickle your funny bone.

From the son who follows his long-suffering mom around with a trombone to a groom marrying his “waffley wedded wife,” these bite-sized stories made us howl with laughter.

11. Cop decides to bust a move instead of busting teens for noise complaint.

Deputy Brissett of the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office understands that all work and no play makes for a dull day! That’s why he decided to show off his dance moves instead of hassling a group of teens at a dance studio just days before Christmas.

12. Man helps woman escape creepy situation by stepping in and pretending to know her.

It’s important to be aware of our surroundings, and TikToker Brandon was definitely paying attention when he spotted a scared-looking woman in a store. Thinking fast, Brandon devised a way to get her away from the man who was bothering her, and it’s a technique we can all use.

13. Grace Kinstler: The “American Idol” contestant everyone is talking about.

Not only does Grace Kinstler have a phenomenal singing voice, but the judges were also moved by the tragic reason why appearing on the hit talent show meant the world to her.

14. Fifteen absurdly hilarious videos that have millions cracking up.

Don’t ask us why these odd yet incredibly funny videos went viral…. All we know is we can’t stop watching them!

15. Sixteen-year-old’s profound essay about her dad’s addiction is giving millions hope.

Preslee Scott used her tenth-grade English class essay to share a frank truth about her family’s struggle with her dad’s alcoholism. She’s so proud of him for finally getting sober, and now the father-daughter duo is helping others get clean, too.

What a year it has been! We can’t wait to see what stories move us to tears, both of empathy and laughter, as we head into the New Year.

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