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22 Breathtaking Photos Of This Beautiful Planet We Share

Happy Earth Day! Our world does so much for us; it feeds us, shelters us, gives us air, keeps us from floating into space, and offers us countless stunning views. Whether it’s Mount Fuji, the Amazon rainforest, the Cliffs of Moher, or a glorious aurora borealis, the Earth is overflowing with sites so beautiful and outrageous, we humans can hardly believe they’re real!

So on this Earth Day, take a moment to repay the planet with some TLC. Ditch your plastic bottles for a reusable one, go digital with your mail, or plant your own at-home garden – and check out these 22 mind-blowingly gorgeous photos of our remarkable home!

1. The Himalayas – Asia.

2. Devil’s Bridge – Germany.

3. Étretat – France.

4. Hanmer Springs – New Zealand.

5. Mount Fuji – Japan.

6. Northern Lights – Finland.

7. Island of Samoa – Polynesia.

8. Beachy Head chalk cliff – England.

9. Rainbow Mountains – China.

10. Mahagiri – Indonesia.

11. Aurora Borealis – Canada.

12. Osaka – Japan.

13. Iguazu Falls – Argentina and Brazil.

14. Northern Lights – Lapland, Finland.​

15. Frozen Cathedral – Antarctica.

16. Rano Raraku – Chile.

17. Ban Gioc Waterfall – Vietnam.

18. Tunnel of Love – Ukraine.

19. Jasper National Park – Canada.

20. Siargao Island – Philippines.

21. Seiser Alm – Italy.

22. Lake Powell – Utah. 

We hope you enjoyed these stunning photos! Don’t forget to take a moment to be grateful for this planet we share today.

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