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15 Of The Best Love Stories That Will Always Be In Our Hearts

In the time that InspireMore has been around, we’ve seen a lot of love stories. Some are adorable, some are heartwarming, and some defy the odds, but all of them are inspiring.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day and help you live out some real-life fairy tales, we’ve compiled 15 of our favorites to brighten your mood!

1. High School Sweethearts Get 2nd Chance At Love 39 Yrs After They Were Forced Apart.

Penny Umbers and Mark Bethel met and fell in love in high school, but they were forced apart because of their different races. Then, 39 years later, they got back together!

2. ‘I Was Losing Sleep Over A Guy I Didn’t Even Know. ‘Hey, Kristen.’ As We Got Closer, I Immediately Recognized Him. My Heart Instantly Put Up A Guard.’: Woman Finds And Marries ‘Man In Her Dreams’

Kristen couldn’t wait to marry Kyle, whom she had been praying for and dreaming about long before they met.

3. Couple Who Thought They Met In College Find Out Their Love Story Began Way Earlier.

Heidi and Ed Savitt fell in love in college, only to discover through a family story that they had actually met on vacation as children!

4. Strangers Find True Love Online – And Stay Together Despite Devastating Diagnosis.

Chris Beckette and Taylor Lew met on a dating app and fell in love. They stayed together even after Chris was diagnosed with ALS and decided to travel the world together.

5. Eight Ways To Cultivate A Love That Never Dies

You can’t control what life may throw at your relationship, but you can control how you respond and how determined you are to keep each other as a top priority! We know it’s easier said than done, but there are a few principles that make a huge difference. These eight tips will help you establish a lasting, flourishing relationship!

6. Six Ways To Make Sure Your “Love Bank Account”Is Overflowing

“When you do something nice for your partner it’s like making a ‘deposit’ into their love bank account. When something negative happens in the relationship you are making a ‘withdrawal’ from the account. You get the idea.”

A couple holding hands and leaning on a wall
Shiloh Stanfield Lite Photography

7. Couple Was About To Divorce Until Forgotten Bank Account Saves Their Marriage.

Jocelyn and William were about to get divorced over money issues, until they remembered a special bank account set aside years ago.

8. Ten Universal Lessons In Lasting Love

We believe there are certain core principles that can help you expedite the journey to epic love, and we’ve put together a list of our favorites. These 10 lessons will help you develop a deep, lasting relationship.

9. Both Lost Spouses To Cancer, But Now Their Unexpected Love Story Is Touching The World.

John Duberstein and Lucy Kalanithi both tragically lost their partners, but they ended up finding love again with each other.

10. ‘You Glow Brighter When You’re Loved Properly.’: Woman Re-Marries, Urges ‘Do Not Follow Society’s Timeline, Follow Yours’

Whitney Casebolt Branham rushed herself into marriage and regretted it. Now she’s encouraging other young women to wait to marry the right person.

two photos of Whitney Casebolt Branham in a wedding dress, one where she's younger and one when she's older.
Courtesy of Whitney Casebolt Branham

11. Boyfriend Hides Secret Message In Love Letters, 3 Yrs Later He Finally Reveals The Truth.

Tim Chee and Candice were friends for years, before their friendship finally turned to romance in 2013, when they started to date. Ever since then, the two have been exchanging love letters. One day, Tim surprised Candice with a trip to Hamilton Island for a surprise picnic at the bay where they went on a first date. Little did she know, those love letters were about to come into play in a tear-jerking way!

12. Thirteen Little Love Stories That Will Melt Your Heart Completely

These 13 stories of love show just how important it is to humanity.

two hearts held up by paper clips

13. Three Women Take Chance Of A Lifetime After Finding Out They Were All Dating The Same Guy.

There is more than one kind of love, and after these three women lost the romantic kind, they gained the friendship kind with each other.

14. Man Builds “Museum Of Love”To Honor Late Wife’s Memory.

When Louise Evans passed away, her husband, Charles Evans, created a museum of their memories together.

15. Lonely Lovebird Finally Finds Soulmate And The Pictures Are Beautiful.

Maura Hennelly loved her rainbow-colored bird Kiwi so much, she decided to get him a girlfriend! A black and white one, that is.

We hope you enjoyed these love stories; we certainly did! From a reunited couple to a pair of lovebirds, love is precious in all its forms, and we should celebrate it.

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