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15 Then And Now Photos Of Couples That Beautifully Capture Lasting Love

When we fall in love, we all hope our romance will last a lifetime. Although that can’t be the case for everyone, there are some couples whose affection withstands the test of time. Don’t believe us? Well, we have photographic evidence! Here are 15 then-and-now images of couples who have been together for years and still look just as in love as they were at the start.

1. “Mum and dad then vs. now.” Somebody’s parents have always been cool!

a young couple in a black and white photo
the same couple now in a color photo

Decades later she still knows he’s a stud.

2. We’d say these folks are eternally groovy.

a young couple wearing what looks like 70s fashion in a black and white photo
the same couple smiling and embracing in the present

They look like they’ve fallen more in love.

3. You could say these two were… born to ride.

a young couple on their wedding day sitting on a motorcycle in a sepia photo
the same couple in the same outfits sitting on a motorcycle in the present

They’re still enjoying their wild side.

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