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Lonely Lovebird Finally Finds Soulmate And The Pictures Are Beautiful.

If you’re still despairing that you’ll never find The One, this is a love story that’ll definitely put a spring in your step!

Fair Oaks, California, resident Maura Hennelly is a serious animal lover. Her Twitter feed is filled with all sorts of furred, scaled and feathered animals, including, most notably, a brightly colored lovebird named Kiwi. She got him a couple years ago, then decided last year to add some spice in his life in the form of a girlfriend. So on went the matchmaking hat.


If birds of a feather really do flock together, you’d think this was a match made in heaven. But despite their physical similarities, it just wasn’t happening. The sweet girl was just four months old at the time, and maybe Kiwi didn’t want to be branded as a cradle robber. But for whatever reason, the flame quickly fizzled and he soon found himself alone again.


But not for long.

Just weeks later, Maura brought home another possible mate, Siouixie. Both physically and personality wise, they couldn’t have been more different, but they saw past those differences and were immediately smitten!


So smitten, in fact, that they took things a little too quickly. Just days after they met, Kiwi was already sharing his coconut with her…

But it’s never a good idea to jump into a relationship with both both wings. So they cooled their jets and spent some quality time getting to know each other better before making a full commitment.

maura third wheel

Maura stepped back and decided to let nature take its course, and Kiwi continued courting Siouxie over the next six months. Their initial attraction to each other was only not only confirmed, but solidified. In March, these proud parents-to-be used actions, not words, to announce they were expecting, and Maura was completely over the moon!

kiwi gf nest

Siouxie carefully laid her eggs in April, and by June…

first baby hatches

It took a few days for the rest of the brood to hatch, but soon, all four of them were nestled together in their nest, no doubt waiting for the moment when they could gaze up at their adoring parents.

birdy pile

Their plumage slowly started to emerge over the following weeks, and once they’d filled out, Maura was the proud “grandmother” of four “beautiful half goth babies.”

babies with feathers

Doesn’t this make you green with envy?!

Kiwi probably would’ve done just fine for himself as a life-long bachelor, and with his basic needs taken care of and so many other critters around, he’d never lack for companionship or stimulation. He probably didn’t even realize there was a void in his life until Siouxie came along, but now he knows the true meaning of fulfillment.

And the world has fallen in love with the adorable pair.


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