11 Times Keanu Reeves Spread Joy And Kindness During Even The Most Mundane Moments

Keanu Reeves interacting with fans in airports

Internet darling Keanu Reeves seems to pop up in random places around the world, and he always manages to spread joy wherever he goes.


From airports to wedding venues, Keanu takes the time to stop and speak to any fan who approaches him. He always seems congenial and infinitely patient, which is why he has become such a legend online. Reddit even has a whole subreddit called “Keanu Being Awesome,” where people share their interactions with the mega-star. He’s now just as famous for his kindness to fans as he is for his blockbuster movies!

1. Keanu doesn’t need an invitation to be a welcome guest at any wedding.

2. Twitter went bonkers when rediscovered footage of Keanu’s early days as a CBC news reporter emerged on the web. Turns out, he’s always been awesome!

3. When a stranger told Keanu about his 80-year-old mother, who is a superfan, the actor didn’t miss a beat. “Give her a call,” he said. “I’d like to talk to her.”

4. Keanu always makes time for his fans, even when they ask multiple rapid-fire questions in the airport baggage claim.

5. How much would you pay for a date with this guy? In the summer of 2020, Keanu offered up a virtual date to raise money for pediatric cancer research.

6. Everyone who meets the actor in real life says he’s a delight. We believe them!

7. After working a full day filming “John Wick: Chapter 3,” Keanu stuck around to pose for pictures with the child actors.

8. Even when he’s exhausted on an airplane, he’s kind to his seatmate and allows a selfie.

9. He just spreads joy and positivity wherever he goes!

10. He doesn’t even get mad when he busts someone filming him without permission. In fact, his reaction is adorable!

11. Drew Barrymore recalls her 16th birthday, when Keanu gave her a motorcycle ride that showed her “what freedom feels like.”

Sign us up for the Keanu Reeves fan club! This man is much more than an actor at this point; he’s a superstar.

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