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Wholesome Keanu Reeves Strikes Again And Makes 80-Yr-Old Superfan’s Day.

closeup of keanu reeves smiling as he walks on the red carpet for the academy awards 2020

The only thing Keanu Reeves is known for more than his stellar acting skills and his iconic role in “The Matrix” is the way he genuinely cares for others. There are all sorts of heartwarming stories online of people sharing their unforgettable encounter with Reeves, but one he had with an 80-year-old fan just might be the best.

After she had a stroke, she spent much of her time watching movies, but she was especially a fan of Reeves – he reminded her of her beloved late husband. That’s why, when one of her sons happened to run in to him at a restaurant, he had let him know.

But in usual Reeves fashion, he had a great surprise up his sleeve… you can read about what happened next from the 80-year-old woman’s granddaughter who shared the story on Reddit!

This story was shared in response to someone asking, “What’s something a famous person has done that just completely changed how you viewed them?” There were some popular replies, but this one about Reeves quickly became a favorite, bringing about some of the best reactions.

There is virtually no positive story I would not instantly believe about Keanu Reeves. It's been conditioned, after 20 years of just reading stories about random, wholesome acts of non-showy kindness. If I went downstairs and found our kitchen had been remodeled and cleaned overnight and was told 'yeah Keanu Reeves just flew to the UK and sat on the train for 2 hours to do our kitchen, wouldn't accept any money', I'd probably believe it.

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