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Keanu Reeves Gets “Interrogated” By Kid At Airport And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever.

keanu reeves and little boy talking at the nyc airport.

Running into a celebrity can be a hit or miss: You never know if they’ll be nice or… not so nice. Thankfully, for a little boy that ran into Keanu Reeves, his experience was just as good as he expected – and maybe even more!

According to Twitter user Andrew Kimmel, Reeves was waiting for his baggage at a New York airport when, suddenly, this young boy asked him for an autograph – but that wasn’t it. He also started asking the actor a whole bunch of questions.

But the rapid-fire questions didn’t stop there. The young boy kept asking him about all sorts of things, and Reeves responded every single time.

While some people would’ve gotten annoyed, Reeves never seemed bothered by the kid’s curiosity – and we love to see that. We’re sure this moment made a big impact in this kid’s life that he will never forget!

Just like Andrew wrote on his Twitter post: “We need more Keanus!”

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