This Week's Purpose:

Rebuild the US Virgin Islands post Hurricane Irma.

with All Hands Volunteers

Amount Raised: $119.56

Time Left: 4 days

When Hurricane Irma made landfall on the US mainland, it did no where near the damage expected… but that was not the case for the slew of islands in the storm’s wake.

Irma completely decimated the US Virgin Islands. Though tourists were able to escape the storm’s wrath, most of the locals were left to fend for themselves. The damage was total and terrifying.

Dozens of organizations have stepped up in a big way to help rebuild, but one has shown dedication we can trust.

All Hands Volunteers have been organizing and funding disaster relief efforts since 2011 and will put their full efforts toward rebuilding what was lost in these beautiful islands

It is a noble cause that deserves everyone’s respect! So help us give this farm the resources they need to continue transforming the community.  All you have to do is watch and share InspireMore stories. The more you do that, the more advertisers pay us, and the more we are able to give to this important cause! Get started today; let’s make a difference.

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