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Woman Gleefully Shares How “The Cat Distribution System Finally Chose Me!”

An excited woman talks into the camera.

If you’ve been on the internet for any length of time, you probably already know about the cat distribution system. It’s the means by which many unsuspecting humans wind up as pet owners after a kitty literally wanders into their lives! Although some people are reluctant to respond to this calling, one woman has been waiting for the opportunity to adopt a stray. So, when a kitten unexpectedly darted into her garage, she was beyond excited!

Jac Anderson shared an adorable video on social media of her attempts to capture the fuzzy intruder. She was headed to her garage, which she’d outfitted as a home gym, when she saw the critter run inside. Although the animal found a hiding place among Jac’s equipment, the woman finally managed to scoop the kitty up into a blanket.

Please be aware that there is some NSFW language in the footage below.

“I’m freaking out,” Jac said in her clip. “The cat distribution system has finally come a-knocking on my door.”

Once the woman was able to apprehend the tiny kitten, she put her in a pet carrier with some food and water. Then, she made an appointment with the vet. Jac was squealing with delight throughout the entire video. She couldn’t believe that the cat distribution system had finally brought a kitty into her life!

Once again, the cat distribution system puts together a perfect pair.

According to The Dodo, a trip to the vet revealed that the kitten had respiratory and sinus infections as well as fleas. She’s been getting treatment and reportedly doing better! Jac plans to foster the animal until she’s rehabilitated. Depending on how things go, she may choose to adopt her as well!

In an update, Jac shared that the kitty, who she’s been calling “Muffin” for now, was definitely starting to get used to her new home. This little cutie loves to sit in her new mom’s lap!

It looks like the cat distribution system couldn’t have picked a more willing recipient.

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