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Flock Of Fleeing Lambs Stopped In Their Tracks By Unlikely Babysitter

A flock of lambs running away.

A flock of lambs tried to make a speedy getaway, but their plans were hilariously foiled by one dependable shepherd! This border collie wasn’t about to let these four-legged troublemakers leave the farm. However, the way the dog went about stopping them was too funny! Thankfully, someone caught this downright adorable moment on camera.

In the clip, a flock of lambs stampeded out of their enclosure towards total freedom. Unfortunately, standing in their path was none other than their babysitter, the border collie. All this dog had to do was stand there and stare them down. Not only did the baby sheep immediately come to a stop, but they also turned right around and headed back to their pen!

This amusing video has already received over 56 million views on social media. Commenters couldn’t get over how this border collie managed to wrangle a flock of errant lambs with a single glance of disapproval! Many couldn’t help but imagine what the dog and the baby sheep might be saying to each other in this situation.

“Going somewhere fellas?” joked one user.

“‘CHARGE! THEY CAN’T TAKE US ALL!’ … ‘RETREAT!'” said another.

“‘You said he was off today,'” quipped a third.

Although their escape attempt didn’t exactly work out, this flock of lambs shouldn’t feel bad about losing their nerve in front of the border collie. These dogs are known for their sheep herding skills! Just look at how one of these pooches managed to round up the unruly livestock in the video below.


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♬ original sound – Sean the sheepman

In the end, it’s a good thing that the flock of lambs weren’t able to carry out their mischievous plans. It’s a dangerous world out there, especially for such cute and tiny creatures! Luckily, their border collie babysitter was looking out for them.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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