A Deer New Friend: Tiny Kitten Meets Curious Buck.

A deer leans toward a tiny kitten who has plopped herself onto the sidewalk in front of him.

It’s important to make friends — this lesson is one that even animals seem to understand. We see this all the time in kid’s animated movies that feature groups of animal friends, but this kind of thing happens in real life more than you might think. One of these moments can be found on YouTube in a video where a tiny kitten befriends a deer.

At the start of the video, we see a kitten stand near some bushes in her family’s yard. A deer stands nearby, clearly curious of the tiny creature that seems to be approaching them. In this moment, you might think that the feline is a bit frightened by this large, new creature.

A tiny kitten slowly approaches a deer to befriend him.

On the contrary, this curious kitten is quick to approach the deer. She gets just about as close to him as she can then plops down, waiting to see how he will react. They briefly sniff each other before the deer backs up a bit, unsure of what to make of this tiny yet bold kitten.

Tiny Kitten Befriends a Kind Deer

In the silence that follows, it seems as though the two of them come to an understanding: They’re friends now. For a brief moment, they simply enjoy each other’s company. Then, at the same moment, they decide it’s time to go their separate ways.

A deer looks up at a camera as a small kitten walks away from the deer.

As soon as the cat turns back toward her human, she meows, seemingly telling them all about the new friend she just made. As you can imagine, folks from all over are falling in love with this adorable yet unexpected friendship.

“I loved how the kitten turned around and walked back to their human all proud they made a friend,” one person writes.

“I love how the deer was genuinely confused on why the kitten was so friendly,” another person shares.

Watch the wholesome moment this tiny kitten befriends a curious deer in the video below.

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