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This Rousing Game Of Husky Hide-And-Seek Steps It Up A Notch When Mom Dresses Like A Tree!

Husky can't find mom dressed as a tree.

Hiding from a dog isn’t always easy. They have a tremendous ability to smell, and we all have a unique scent to them. It was a surprise to this couple when their husky Kakoa again forgot how to use his nose. The scene opens with Mom dressed as a sappy-looking fake Christmas tree. She stages herself in a conspicuous location in a family room. Let the game of husky hide-and-seek begin!

Hiding in plain sight. Dog mom is dressed as a Christmas tree to play husky hide and seek.
Image from YouTube.

Once Mom is in position, Dad opens the back door to let the eager contestant in. You can see Kakoa waiting with anticipation as Dad reaches for the sliding door. With a quick command of “Find Mom,” the game is afoot! You might recognize Kakoa and this game from other videos. Mom has dressed as a realistic-looking bush, and once they even hid Sky (their other husky) for viewers to find!

The husky, eagerly waiting to begin the game.
Image from YouTube.

Kakoa takes off running in search of his elusive prey. He races through the house into the family room. Then he quickly darts right past Mom to check out the hallway. He returns and passes Mom again as he refocuses on the family room.

Kakoa the husky searches the house looking for his human mom.
Image from YouTube.

Kakoa raced through the dining room, took a quick peek into the kitchen, then raced into the living room. A quick jump onto the sofa. Nope, not here either.

Kakoa checks every room during this game of husky hide and seek.
Image from YouTube.

Another trip around the living room. Wait, let’s check in the planter. Hmmmm… where could she be?

Not in the living room. Not in the planter.
Image from YouTube.

After checking every possible location in the house, Kakoa seemed to notice something new. What’s in this bag? Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! That’s mommy’s foot! MOMMY! I FOUND YOU!

Kakoa successfully found his human mom after searching the entire house during a game of husky hide and seek.
Image from YouTube.

The Nose Knows When The Game Is Husky Hide-And-Seek

Kakoa got plenty of lubbings and scritches, and there was a lot of tail-wagging going on when this game of husky hide-and-seek ended. Kakoa was definitely excited to “win” the game. We’re unsure what the prize was, but it probably involved treats.

Huskies can be highly vocal, easily excitable, and they even make great nannies if you have kids. For every ounce of their weight, they deliver equal amounts of joy, happiness, and outright hilarity to liven up your life. You can watch the entire video below. Try to count the number of times Kakoa zips right past Mom without even a glance (we tried and couldn’t keep track). You can watch more videos like this at My Mountain Husky on YouTube and on Instagram. Please share this with your friends so they can see how other people celebrate the season.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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