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Big Sister Husky Unceremoniously Summons Dad When His Newborn Wakes Up.

Left frame shows a husky "punching" a sleeping man. Right frame shows the man holding his infant daughter.

Huskies are one of the breeds often called “Nanny dogs.” The designation is because these loyal companions usually “mother” their human siblings. Millie, the featured husky, is VERY dedicated to her little human sister, Daisy, and persistent in ensuring that the baby’s needs are met.

The scene opens with an exhausted father asleep on a bed. Infant Daisy is lying in a bassinet beside the bed, wide awake. Enter nanny dog Millie, who jumps on the bed next to the dad. At first, she sits calmly facing the headboard. The weight of her jump didn’t even elicit a flinch from the sleeping man.

Nanny dog Millie, a husky, jumps on the bed to wake a sleeping dad.
Image from TikTok.

When sitting politely didn’t wake the dad up, Millie tried flumping on the pillow beside him: no grunts, moans, or groans. Dad was sleeping soundly!

Jumping didn't work, so Millie tries laying down on the bed to wake daddy.
Image from TikTok.

Around the time that Millie flumped, Daisy started getting squeaky. She fussed and flailed around in the bassinet, making baby noises. That included some cute little sounds that only a baby can make. And, of course, some squeals and squeaks. At that point, nanny dog Millie decided to punch Dad in the face. The subtle approach wasn’t working, so she took matters into her own hands … errr … paws.

When all else fails, use a left hook! Unable to wake the dad, the husky reaches out with a left paw and punches him in the face.
Image from TikTok.

That got his attention! It also revealed that the mom was holding the camera as she couldn’t contain her snort-laugh when the punch hit home. She continued giggling as the dad rubbed his sore face, trying to understand what happened.

The Aftermath Of The Assault Included Puppy Cuddles For The Nanny Dog

Once he started moving, he told the baby that Millie told him she was awake. This meant Millie deserved belly rubs and pets. Dad administered the appropriate thank you attention, then leaned over Millie to coo at the baby.

Awake now, dad gives the attentive husky some cuddles before picking up his daughter from the bassinet.
Image from TikTok.

You can follow other adventures of Millie the husky on the family’s TikTok channel. Millie is the best big sister ever! The attachment was evident from the first day they brought the baby home. This gentle husky has claimed her human sibling and loves her unconditionally! Watch the entire wake-up saga below. If you laughed (you know you did), share with your family and friends. They deserve laughs, too.


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