Dog Has Unusually Silly Reaction To Owner Breaking Her Ankle.

Navigating stairs with a broken ankle is hard enough. When your dog's reaction is to imitates your slow progress the results are hilarious.

Dogs are amazing. They are our steadfast companions and best friends. We talk to them about everything, even though they scarcely understand us. But they do “understand” us as humans. Dogs know when we’re not feeling great. They know when we need extra cuddles. It only makes sense that they know when we are injured. When Ashley Hall broke her ankle and had difficulty navigating stairs, her dog’s reaction was hilarious.

As with many new-fangled medical tools, doctors use a device called a “boot” more frequently. When Ashley broke her ankle, her doctor put her in a boot rather than a cast. This allows the injured person to move around better, although much slower. Ashley learned that navigating stairs was a slow process.

Stairs can be a slow process when you have a broken ankle.
Image from Instagram.

Living in a multi-level home meant she had to go up and down stairs with her broken ankle to move from room to room. To use the stairs with her broken ankle, Ashley had to go one step at a time, leading with her booted foot.

Hilarity ensued when she noticed her caution rubbing off on an unlikely family member. It wasn’t long before Ashley saw that her dog was now coming down steps differently. The dog was leading with the left-front paw and “limping” down one step at a time, just like Ashley!

Image from Instagram.

The comments below the post are internet gold. We’re unsure if Ashley’s dog is displaying empathy for her broken ankle or mocking her stair-climbing prowess (or lack thereof). Mimicking is a behavior that some dogs display when their owner is injured. It is speculated that the action results from “automatic imitation,” meaning that dogs do it unconsciously. 

Whatever the reason, it was hilarious to watch the dog mimic Ashley’s broken ankle on the stairs. Watch the comparison clip below. If you liked this content, please share it with your friends.

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