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“Thank You For Your Love,” Unborn Baby’s Heartfelt Message To Mommy.

baby hand grasping mom

We’ve shared some commercials that really tug on the heart-strings, like this Christmas ad for a Polish online auction site. We’ve also shared beautiful stories about unborn babies, like the one where a mom caught her daughter kissing an ultrasound of her baby sibling. But how about a commercial about an unborn baby? Our hearts just about exploded.

In the video below, Anmum Materna, a supplement drink for expecting mothers, took a different approach to your typical supplement commercial, which usually features a doctor in a white coat talking science.¬†Instead of that, this advertisement focuses on the relationship between mother and baby… from the baby’s perspective.

The adorable cartoon baby describes going on “dates” with Mom from inside the womb. She is amazed as she grows within Mom’s tummy, goes to the doctor with Mom, goes on picnics… but she mostly dreams of the day she can give her mom a real hug.

“I hope the rest of me grows soon so I can hug you and I can kiss you,” she says. “For now, I’ll just have to dream about it.”

It’s a beautiful picture of love, gratitude, and excitement… and it’s melting mom’s hearts everywhere!

The best part is at the end when the baby thanks Mom for taking care of her, even before she’s entered the world.

“I might not remember all our dates together, but I want you to know, you did a really good job… Thank you for your love. I love you, Mommy, and I can’t wait to meet you.”

Watch the heartwarming video below and share!


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