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Old Man Puts Sticky Notes All Over House, Has Family In Tears When He Reveals Heartfelt Surprise.

man in bubble bath with sticky notes and rubber duck

One thing everyone loves about the Holiday season is the slew of heartwarming commercials that come with it. Here in the United States, the Superbowl is our prime season for our greatest advertisements. But in many countries abroad, Christmastime is their “Superbowl” of commercials. We’ve already told you about Britain’s heartwarming “Man on the Moon” ad as well as their brilliant take on Mrs. Claus, but now we’re featuring a heartwarming commercial from Poland.

This ad, called “English for Beginners,” is produced by the online auction site Allegro. It tells the story of an elderly man ordering an “English for Beginners” phrasebook from the site and painstakingly studying its contents.

The full version of the advertisement is 2 minutes longer than the video below. In that version, we see even more of the man struggling to learn English, practicing his phrases everywhere he goes, and even picking up some bad language from watching TV in English (just a warning!).

But– in the end– as much as this man benefits from learning a new language, the English phrasebook was never a gift for himself. Rather, his new English skills are for a very special family member.

Learning English empowers the elderly man to travel across the globe to spend time to his family and enables him to speak with them. In this case, his presence truly is the greatest present!

The moment the man bends down to finally say the phrase he’s been practicing for so long– “Hi, I am…”– will bring tears to your eyes. You will not want to miss this special interaction.

It captures the spirit of the season!

Watch the heartwarming moment below and share!

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