Mom Catches 2-Yr-Old Kissing Ultrasound, Toddler’s Loving Words For Unborn Sister Will Melt Your Heart.

To a 2-year-old, the idea of adding a little sibling to the family can be stressful; toddlers don’t typically like a lot of change, and they often fear losing Mom and Dad’s attention. But for little Myla L’Anson, her baby sister can’t come soon enough.

“This is my daughter Myla who is nearly 3 and watched the video of the scan of her unborn sister at 16 weeks 4 days” says Mom, Carly Tansley, in the caption of a YouTube video she posted. “I was not expecting her to get this emotional at all! The love she has for her already is unbelievable.”

Carly is referring to the precious moment when little Myla approaches the sonogram kisses it and then bursts into tears.

“I love my baby sister!” she says in between sobs.

“She has always been adamant we were having a baby girl as she’s always wanted a sister,” says Carly. Dad adds: “She decided she needed a sister to dress up as a Disney princess.” The Disney theme continues as Carly explains Myla is already brainstorming ideas for the baby: “She’s also decided we have to call her Snow White. It was Aurora last week, so we’ll probably have to name her Ariel or Elsa next week.”

Carly said she found the moment heartwarming, but it was so unexpected that she also had to laugh! It’s the most beautiful mix of emotions.

As much as Myla loves her baby sister, Carly knows that the sisters won’t always get along perfectly. In fact, she already plans to make use of this video further down the road!

“I will definitely show her the video when they’re fighting and pulling each other’s hair!”

Check out the precious moment below.

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