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Little Boy Can’t Stop Laughing “Playing” Drums With Dad In Adorable Home Video.

One of the sweetest (and most addicting) sounds in the world is a baby’s laughter. Once new parents hear it from their own little ones, they can’t get enough – and will do anything to hear more.

Texas dad Steven Bentham can definitely relate. Not only is his son, Stevie, just about the cutest thing on Earth, but his giggles could make even the grumpiest of people smile. It’s no wonder, then, that Steve is more than happy to engage in his toddler’s favorite activity: “playing” the drums.

father son

You see, Stevie absolutely loves his toy drum kit. What he loves even more is when his dad holds his hands and helps him beat out a rhythm with the drum sticks. The little guy gets such a kick out of it that he can’t contain his joy, erupting in peals of laughter. Steve couldn’t keep this adorable reaction to himself, so he recorded one of their jam sessions and uploaded the footage to Instagram.

In the video, we see Steve using his son’s arms to tap out a beat as he counts, “One, two, one two three four.” The toddler is already cooing in delight, but he really starts cracking up when his dad starts hitting the drums and cymbals.

Stevie is just happy to be along for the ride, giggling uncontrollably as Steve pounds away on the drum set. It’s clear the tiny sweetheart could do this all day.

father son drum session

Thousands have watched Steve’s video, hearts melting. They couldn’t help but gush over such a pure, wholesome example of the bond between a father and his son.

“Just lovely! There is nothing sweeter than the laughter of a child engaged with their parent,” one viewer wrote.

Another joked, “Does that dad know what he has done? He’s slept his last peaceful night for 18 years.”

father son drum session

Steve certainly may tire of hearing the sounds from the drum set, but he’ll never get sick of hearing his baby boy’s laughter. Stevie’s giggles are the medicine none of us knew we needed. And fun times like this with his dad are something the little boy will treasure forever.

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