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Baby Boy Has Hilarious Reaction To Parents Kissing In Sweet Home Video.

babby giggles

Admit it, any time you hear a baby laughing, your heart does somersaults and you never want it to end.

Unfortunately, though, especially when it comes to babies, laughter usually comes in spurts. They don’t exactly laugh on command, so the next best thing is to hit the record button so you can hear it whenever you want. That’s what Kimberlee and Cameron Heberle of Lodi, California, did when their son Luke was less than a year old. Kimberlee’s YouTube channel is filled with short clips of her little man laughing at the most ridiculous things: Dad eating, Mom sneezing, even her doing lunges!

the heberle family

But know what else makes this little guy bust a gut (other than when his dad wears a kilt)? When Dad and Mom lock lips. In one of the cutest “look at what’s making him laugh now” videos, Kimberlee and Cameron stand in their living room. Luke is perched on Mom’s hip, then the couple go in for a sweet smooch.

kimberlee and cameron kissing

And each time they do, they’re rewarded with their son’s delighted peals of laughter! Which is, of course, infectious.

mom dad and baby laughing

Kimberlee uploaded the adorable video back in 2015 and it quickly went viral, because like we said, everybody loves listening to the sound of a baby’s laugh.

The couple has since added another little one to their family, and we’re sure young Luke is doing his part to get some laughs out of his little brother.

heberle family at disneyland

Check out the giggles heard ’round the world in the video below, and don’t forget to share if you think Luke’s laughter is truly music to the ears!

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