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“Real Things My Students Said This Week.”

funny things students say

Kids—they keep us humble, especially middle school students, as a teacher named Gabe Dannenbring recently pointed out. Gabe has become a social media star thanks to his true-life accounts of braving the sixth through eighth-grade world. And one video he posted on YouTube about the funny things students say has gotten a lot of love and laughs.

In the video, Gabe explains that “middle school students have absolutely zero filter whatsoever.” While Gabe admitted that he is usually the target of the comments, he can’t help but laugh. So he shared some of his favorites with his followers to make them understand why.

1. “Wait, Mr. Dannenbring, you’re 25 years old? That means you were born in the 1900’s? You’re so old!”

funny things students say

Yes, it’s true. There are many from the 1900s who are still alive. We’ve seen things the new generation could never dream of—like landline phones, dial-up internet, and the TGIF lineup.

2. “I bet by dad is stronger than you are.”

Stonger dad

They should settle this with a good old-fashioned arm wrestling match.

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