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Hilarious Design Fails That’ll Make You Say “What Were They Thinking?!”

Design Fails are everywhere. We found some of the best ones.

We live in a world with various people who don’t see things the same way. Sometimes, you look at something and think, “That is pure genius!” Other times, you want to scream out loud, “What were they thinking?!” Today, we’re taking a look at some of those things that make us do a double-take and scream that question. You might call them design fails. You might shake your head and sigh in resignation.

1. Really? Couldn’t You Find Orange Or Bright Yellow?

Image shows a woodchipper with the feed bin painted red.
Image from Reddit.

What in the Bobby Singer world is this? Only Supernatural fans will get that reference, but you can see a clip here that explains it. You should be aware of some language in the video clip. It is definitely NSFW.

2. This Is Not An Effective Way To Test Spelling

Image shows a computerized spelling test asking students to spell "Nuisance" with a multiple choice list.
Image from Reddit.

Ummmm… Free question? Take it for a point! I would!

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