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Winter Storm Forced Portland Zoo To Close, So Worker Skied In & Filmed Animals’ First Snow Day.

There’s something about a snow day that just warms the heart. There was the story of a kindhearted nurse that brought a snow day indoors for sick kids at the hospital. The nurse braved a blizzard to fill several buckets of snow for the kids who couldn’t go outside, and brought it indoors so they could play. But humans aren’t the only ones that love snow days.

There was Bao Bao the Panda who saw his first snow in Washington DC last year and had an absolute blast in the pow pow. The footage of Bao tumbling through his first snowfall went viral overnight and it’s clear to see why.

This time around, the “snowpocolypse” currently pummeling Portland, OR with snow, forced the Portland Zoo to take a snow day and close to the public. Though visitors couldn’t make it to the park,  the animals needed to be fed… and so several jacket clad zookeepers skied their way into the park. What they saw, and filmed, upon arrival has gone viral overnight.

The video shows all sorts of adorable critters having an absolute blast in the snow. River otters, a polar bear, and even an elephant frolicked in the snow like kids just let out of school. It’s the purest expression of joy we’ve ever seen. Check out the footage below!

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