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Somersaulting Baby Panda Is Ecstatic Over First Snow Day, But When Mom Joins Him It’s Too Sweet!

There’s nothing better than a baby having a first experience, especially when that baby is fluffy and clumsy…

When the year’s first huge blanket of powdered snow covered the Washington, D.C. area on Jan 6, 2015, it was time for Bao Bao to have a first of his own. “BB” is an adorable sixteenth month-old panda cub and is as cute as can be! 

Bao Bao couldn’t WAIT to get out into the snow for a very special reason – it was his first time even seeing snow! And it would take place at the giant panda conservation at the Zoo and the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute.

Needless to say – a lot of fun was about to be had for his first snow day! The first order of business? Summersaulting, of course. But rather than a sled, Bao Bao’s chosen mode of transport was a log – which turns out is actually an awesome steering instrument.

But it was the end game that was so absolutely adorable. After his trek down the snowy hill, Bao Bao found a very special visitor waiting at the bottom of the outdoor enclosure: His mom, Mei Xiang!

Watch as this sweet and innocent baby panda has an absolute blast with a new first!


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