Minivan Whips Out Of Control On Ice, Rescuers Find Mom & 3 Kids Trapped In Deep Embankment.

In times of trouble, it’s always good to know your local fire department has your back. Whether it’s pulling kittens out of a storm drain or saving three childrenĀ trapped in a burning apartment, firefighters have repeatedly shown themselves to be heroic and brave. Now, one family knows that fact to be true firsthand.

Kimberlee Robinson was driving her 3 children to a doctor’s appointment in the family minivan one Monday morning. It was a cold morning, so Kimberlee drove slowly, watching for ice on the road.

“I was taking it slow but apparently not slow enough,” Kimberlee recalled. “I started slipping and did everything I thought I was supposed to. I tapped the brakes, tried to steer into the skid, but we started to slide off.”

Despite Kimberlee’s best efforts, she lost control and the minivan careened off the road, plunging into a steep embankment.


Firefighter’s rushed to the scene, ready for anything.

Thankfully, Kimberlee had all her children properly restrained in child safety seats. No one was injured.


The moment firefighter’s pulled Kimberlee’s youngest child– her daughter– from the car, sweetly lifting her to safety, was caught on camera in the video below.

Many people commented on the video, praising both the fire department for their work and praising Kimberlee for keeping her kids buckled up!

Kimberlee herself commented on the video– along with her husband and her mom– with praises to the firefighters who rescued her and her children that day.


Watch the rescue below and share!

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