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Massive Newfoundlands Think They’re Lap Dogs, Climb Onto Dad For Hilarious “Goodnight” Cuddles.

This isn’t the first time we’ve shared our love of big dogs with you. Remember the time a gigantic Great Dane was caught on camera meeting a litter of tiny kittens? How about the time this big ‘ole, tough-looking Husky had the sweetest interaction with a baby?

We’ve also told you how some times dogs just have to be the center of attention, and they often have no understanding of personal space. So what happens when a really large animal decides to try and be a lapdog? Well, it’s adorable. Especially if we’re talking about two gigantic Newfoundlands!

In the video below, two bear-sized Newfoundlands have their nightly “goodnight snuggle” with Dad.

It starts out with a big, black dog called “Boss” watching as his brother gets snuggled. Not one to be left out on the lovin’, he quickly heads towards Dad’s recliner to get in on the action!

“You guys are the best lap dogs ever,”says Dad with a big smile on his face, petting the gorgeous dogs.

A few seconds later– as Boss crawls further unto the chair– the doggy daddy changes his tune, saying “My ribs are about to be broken.”

Honestly though, he doesn’t seem too upset about it!

Check out the adorable video below.

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