20 Pets That HAVE To Be The Center Of Attention.

It’s no secret that our pets each have unique personalities. They can be the snuggly type, or the kind that tear up your pillows for no reason. But there’s another special trait that only some lucky owners get to experience: The diva.

These are the animals who can’t stand anyone else taking the center of attention. They crave the spotlight and need to have it at all times.

… And they’ll do whatever it takes to maintain it.

So, guard your laptops, wear face masks to bed, and lock your bathroom doors (because even those aren’t safe) – these sneaky miscreants will go through the cracks in the wall to get even just a little pat on the head. But of course, an hour long belly rub is actually ideal.

Check out the 20 cheeky dogs and cats in the photos below – you’re sure to get a kick out of them!


1. Oh, you’re working? I had NO idea…

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