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Curious Great Dane Surrounded By Tiny Kittens, Owner Captures Adorable Interaction.

great dane looks at tiny kittens

We love Great Danes! The breed of gentle giants always comes with plenty of personality and– despite their intimidating size– lots of love. Remember the spoiled Great Dane who hilariously argued with his Dad when he saw his brother getting more attention than him? Or the time he tried his best to convince Dad for a bite of sandwich? What about the Great Dane puppy who threw a fit when his owner told him it was time to wake up? I know I personally, can relate to that last one. And now we’re adding another lovable Great Dane to the list!

The Dane in the video below has just gotten at least one new sibling– a tiny kitten– and is surrounded with tiny furballs as his owner’s film his reaction.

At first, he’s not so sure what to think. He curiously sniffs the kittens, but he never growls or bites. His owner explains to the dog that one little kitty is there to stay. “Do you love her?” The Dane’s owner asks, “She’s gonna be living with us. Now you’re going to have a friend to play with!”

The giant dog responds to the news by giving the kitty a loving pat on the head.

Well, he actually nearly squishes her, but there’s no harm done!

Check out the adorable moment below, and share!


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