Husky’s Acting Tough, But The Moment Baby Reaches Over He Can’t Resist His New BFF.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “man’s best friend” in reference to dogs. And maybe you’ve had the good luck to experience the truth of this phrase firsthand! But did you know studies show that dogs have been man’s best friend for over 16,000 years? That’s a long time… and for a good reason.

To understand when dogs were first domesticated, researchers look to when they diverged from wolves. All of that time has created quite a special bond between us, and the video below is a perfect example of that love.

Watch as this adorable baby inches his way closer and closer to this seemingly grumpy husky. The pup isn’t too sure how to react at first, but the moment these two become BFF’s will completely melt your heart.

The best is about 18 seconds in when the dog decides that he doesn’t mind the baby so much, and he flips over on his back, nuzzling the baby. The person filming can’t hold in a giggle at the precious moment!

Watch the adorable video of this dog and baby becoming friends below.

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