Tough Baby Elephant Charges Tourists On African Safari, And He’s Very Scary!

A baby elephant charges forward while their adult's back is turned.

This baby elephant might look cute, but he proved to a vehicle full of tourists just how intimidating he could be when he charged at them! During a safari in South Africa, a group of sightseers caught some hilarious footage of the little guy. The tour happened upon a grown-up elephant and calf in their travels and stopped to admire the creatures. Instead of being afraid, the baby elephant walked right up to the vehicle with impressive confidence!

However, the little elephant’s courage was short-lived. When the older elephant started to walk away, he turned right back around to catch up. The New York Post shared the tourists’ adorable video on Instagram, where commenters have been falling in love with the baby elephant’s charge attack.

“I want to hug him!!!” wrote one user.

A baby elephant charges forward while their adult's back is turned.
Screengrab from New York Post/Instagram

Another commenter defended the baby elephant against the people joking about the little guy’s attempted charge against the tourists.

“Mean!” they wrote. “He is too cute. Don’t laugh at him.”

Don’t worry, baby elephant. We think you’re very formidable!

Watch the video below to see this baby elephant attempt to scare away the tourists.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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