Mom Asks Taylor Swift Fans To Help Make Her Daughter’s Birthday Special — And They Delivered

Sarah, a Taylor Swift, and packages Swifties have sent her

When a mom asked Taylor Swift fans to help make her daughter’s 13th birthday extra special, they came through in a huge way.

Sarah and Abby Blanks are mother and daughter and best friends. They also both belong to Taylor’s legion of Swifties.

Sarah fell in love with Taylor Swift’s music long before she became a mother. As she told WPTV 5, she and the songstress are the same age, and growing up, they shared similar angst and joy, which Taylor sang about.

Mom and daughter Sarah and Abby Blanks at Taylor Swift concert

“She was going through the same thing I was — heartbreak, friendships, friend struggles,” Sarah said. “You know, it’s all portrayed in her music.”

When Abby was born, Sarah was quick to introduce her daughter to her favorite music. She started with Shake It Off, and Abby was instantly hooked.

“She was 4,” Sarah remembered. “And she would just dance and shake it off in her car seat and it’s just been a love story ever since then.”

Taylor Swift fan listening to Shake it Off in car seat.

Abby said she’s hooked on Taylor Swift for the same reason as her mom. The lyrics speak to her as she moves into her teenage years.

“I just feel like as I’m getting older, I can go back and listen to her music that she made when she was struggling with the same things that I am now,” Abby admitted.

Over the years, Sarah and Abby have bonded over their shared Swiftie status. Aside from blaring the music together, they’ve also gone to several Taylor Swift concerts, including the opening show of the Eras Tour.

Taylor Swift Fans Absolutely Flooded Abby’s Mailbox

Abby’s 13th birthday came around during a particularly hard time, and Sarah knew her daughter needed an extra special celebration. So she called on their fellow Swifties for help. Sarah secretly posted a message on social media that asked Taylor Swift fans to send her daughter cards.

“My girl is turning 13!!” she wrote, ” She has had the worst year, but I would love to flood our PO box with cards for her birthday!!! Will you help surprise my baby Swiftie?!”

Mom asks Swifties to send her daughter birthday cards.

“Being a teenager is hard,” Sarah told the publication. “Being a teenage girl is even harder. She’s had a lot of struggles this past year,” Blanks said. “All I wanted was to give her the best 13th birthday.”

Sarah expected to get maybe 20 cards, but the Swifties proved to be a loyal and empathetic crowd. Abby ended up getting over 250 deliveries, and they came from all around the world.

Swiftie deliveries

For Abby’s birthday, Sarah decorated her daughter’s room with the cards, posters, and trinkets that filled their mailbox. When Abby saw her surprise, she was shocked.

“I have cried multiple times just thinking about it,” Sarah continued. “I know I, personally, have struggled finding a community that supports me, and I know that being a teenager is difficult to find a community. So I think it’s important to be able to show her what it looks like.”

Delivery for Abby from Taylor Swift fan

“I just think it shows that you don’t really have to know someone for them to care about you,” Abby added.

Sarah and Abby said they’re looking forward to going to more Taylor Swift concerts, and while there, they hope to meet some of the Swifties who helped make Sarah’s tough year brighter.

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