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“They Don’t Pay You Enough”: Airport Worker Single-Handedly Hauls Hundreds Of Passengers’ Bags

An airport worker going above and beyond to provide customer service.

Technology and automation are wonderful… until they aren’t. A Herculean task was accomplished during a recent equipment malfunction at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA). One lone airport worker hand-carried individual bags to the broken conveyor belt to keep travelers moving. While most of the travelers appreciated the effort, there were a few disgruntled voices in the crowd.

We choose to ignore the grumbles and are going to focus on the positive because that’s how we roll! In the short video, one of the waiting passengers states, “They don’t pay you enough.” We can totally agree with that sentiment. This is back-breaking, repetitive, and grueling labor. Some of those suitcases weigh in excess of 50 pounds. But yet, the worker keeps diligently running downstairs to grab another and another.

One airport worker carrying bags up to the staging area when the conveyor system broke.
Image from TikTok.

Chester Burnett, the gentleman who posted the video, commented under it, “I fly in here all the time, and she’s always the most helpful person, frfr.” The “frfr” means “for real for real.” There are lots of folks in the comment section saying she deserves a raise. Some hoped that people would have offered the airport worker tips for hauling all those bags.

Some folks were saying the passengers should have helped. But here’s the thing about helping. The airline has regulations against passengers being in certain areas. So even if a helpful person had met the girl at the top, she would have been required to ask them to step back down.

One airport worker carrying bags up to the staging area heads back down for another trip.
Image from TikTok.

Airport Workers Might Be Unsung Heroes

We commend this young woman on her persistence and customer service. She truly went above and beyond (and below and back up again…). If you happen to be in DCA and you see this diligent airport worker, drop your bags and give her a smile and a knowing nod as you pass her. She deserves all the warm fuzzies!

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