Our Members’ Top Stories Of 2020

Now more than ever, we appreciate you, our loyal readers, for sticking with us through this wild ride of a year. Every time you read and share our inspiring stories, you support our mission to spread good news throughout the world!


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1. When Officer Ben Peguero heard a mom-of-three’s card had been declined at the store, he spent $200 on groceries for her family without batting an eye!

2. Brilee was understandably upset after accidentally smashing her fingers in a door. But with her mom’s help, the 2-year-old cutie soothed herself by repeating positive affirmations.

“I’m OK. I’m strong. I’m beautiful. I’m loved. I’m worthy.â€

3. Braden, who was born with Pfeiffer syndrome type 2, wasn’t expected to survive very long. Eighteen years later, the nurse who cared for him snapped his senior portraits!

4. Owen and Ethan Cooper donned velociraptor costumes to surprise their grandma at the airport, but she was one step ahead of them, showing up as “Grandma-saurus Rex.”

5. Baby Blakely fell head over heels for her first taste of ice cream – and her hilarious reaction still has us giggling!

Of course, those weren’t our members’ only favorites. They also submitted these wonderful honorable mentions!

1. When Theresa suffered a stroke nearly 20 years ago, she couldn’t style her hair anymore. So her husband Andrew learned to do it for her. Talk about true love!

2. Kentucky history teacher Winston Lee was blown away by the compassionate request one of his 11th-grade students wrote on their test.

“If you could, can you give my bonus points to whoever scores the lowest?”the student had written. Winston obliged, and those extra points bumped up the recipient’s grade to passing!

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