2-Yr-Old Uses Positive Affirmations To Calm Down And It’s Just Plain Adorable.

"I'm strong, I'm beautiful,' little girl says after smashing finger on door

"I'M OK. I'M STRONG. I'M BEAUTIFUL" ❤️️ Need a little pick-me-up today? Two-year-old Brilee from McLoud, Oklahoma smashed her fingers on the door… what happened next is the cutest thing you will see today! https://bit.ly/3etPL17(🎥: Shelbee Haderer)

Posted by KOCO 5 News on Saturday, July 25, 2020

One of the hardest part of being a parent is teaching kids to calm themselves when things go wrong. Shelbee Haderer of McCloud, Oklahoma has a great method for helping her 2-year-old Brilee soothe herself, and now a video of their positive affirmations is going viral.

The video begins shortly after Brilee accidentally smashed her little fingers in a door. She’s understandably upset by the painful experience, but Shelbee wisely has her daughter taking deep breaths through the tears. Once the little girl is calmer, Shelbee has her repeat a few adorable reminders that all kids should learn early and well: “I’m okay. I’m strong. I’m beautiful. I’m loved. I’m worthy.”


The result is practically magical! After Brilee repeats these expressions of self-love and acceptance aloud, she is noticeably calmer and more composed. Her sweet, “Thank you, mom” will surely melt your heart into a puddle!

Watch the video above to hear Brilee’s affirmations, and don’t forget to share this great parenting tip with others.

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