Baby Girl Gets 1st Taste Of Ice Cream And Her Face Has Parents Rolling.

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The first year of life is filled with new experiences.

Mom of two Brittani Jernigan of California loves to document her daughters’ “firsts” on social media. After a recent trip to Baskin Robbins ice cream parlor, Brittani uploaded a clip of her youngest daughter Blakely that has the entire internet saying, “I can relate!”


As you can see, Blakely is just as cute as can be. She’s now 9 months old and just loves exploring the world around her. Most babies have to wait until their first birthday party to have their first taste of sweet desserts, but when Brittani and her husband Derek Jernigan stopped at Baskin-Robbins that day, they decided to give the little girl a taste of the good stuff. They had no idea that Blakely’s reaction would be quite this epic!

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As Derek holds Blakely on top of the table, Brittani recorded the first moment her daughter took a taste of the proffered ice cream cone. At first, the infant seems startled, likely because the treat is much colder than she expected. But then her expression changes to one we can all recognize instantly: pure, unadulterated greed.

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Blakely’s eyes widen comically as the sweet taste of the ice cream hits her tongue. She then grasps the soft ice cream with both of her pudgy little hands and attacks it with her mouth. Her parents can’t help but laugh as she wrestles the cone as close to her mouth as she can!

Derek, likely worried that his daughter would eat his entire ice cream cone when all he offered her was a taste, attempts to reason with her. “Blakely, let go. Let go,” he implores, but this baby isn’t having any of it!

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It’s all over now — now that Blakely has had a taste of the good stuff there’s no turning back! She’s also getting a taste of viral fame as the video continues to make people laugh all over the web. Honestly, we feel the same way about ice cream so we understand, kiddo!

Watch Blakely’s first taste of ice cream in the video above, and be sure to share this adorable moment with others.

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