When Boston Cop Sees Mom Crying Outside Grocery Store, He Rushes To Help Her Out.

Jennifer Velazquez is considered an essential employee at the Boston airport, so despite the COVID-19 outbreak, she’s still heading into work every day.


The mom of three lives paycheck to paycheck. She recently went to the grocery store to stock up on food for her little ones, but when she went to pay, her EBT card was declined. She stepped outside and began crying, which is when a Boston police officer showed up with a generous offer.


As Officer Ben Peguero approached her and asked if she was okay, she worried she was in trouble. She was coughing as she was crying, and the city has a stay-at-home order in place.

As it turned out, she had nothing to fear! Peguero genuinely wanted to know what was going on. When Jennifer told him what happened, he immediately jumped into action.

“I felt bad for her,” he said later. “I told her, ‘Come in with me. We will go in and grab some things.'”


By the time everything in her cart was scanned, the total came out to around $200. Peguero didn’t bat an eye before paying. He just wanted to make sure her three daughters had plenty to eat!

The hardworking mom was so touched that she asked for a hug, but of course, Peguero was hesitant to put her safety at risk. Instead, Jennifer promised to pay the gesture forward by making dinner for three families who are struggling right now!


At the end of the day, Jennifer said Peguero’s kindness restored her “faith in humanity.” What a wonderful way to help someone out during this difficult time!

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