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Is It Cake? These Amazing Culinary Creations Will Absolutely Fool You!

Image shows a pepper left) and a watermelon right) being sliced during a "Is it real or is it cake" demonstration.

Bakers have been using their creativity to imitate real-life objects. Some of the results can be laughable, but some are absolutely stunning. The amount of realism these decorators bring to their creations is amazing. They can catch the shimmer and shine of a plastic jug in the sunlight and the welcoming comfort of a Croc. Join us as we explore some “Is it real or is it cake” demonstrations.

1. Is It Cake: Fruit Edition

These creations might astonish you. Try to guess “Is it cake” before the knife falls!

2. A Bowl Of Cereal You Can Make At Home!

Are you in the mood for a bowl of fruity cereal rings (we call them rainbow Cheerios at my house)? This bowl looks good enough to eat, but is it real, or is it cake?

3. More Fruits To Guess, With A Surprise Cut At The End!

Fruits seem to be a favorite item to replicate. Incredibly, the bakers duplicate the blemishes we see on natural fruit.

4. The Process Of Creation Is Detailed

Bakers use imagination and ingenuity to create designs that confuse our eyes. The steps they go through before asking, “Is it real or is it cake?” are a sight to behold.


Tem coisa que eu só acredito vendo. E vendo, você acredita? #cakeorfake

♬ Simulator – Adam Beyer & Green Velvet

5. Even Our Pets Are Getting Involved In The Is It Cake Debate!

The look on that puppy’s face is precious.

6. Is Nothing Sacred? Meat Edition?

I think I feel a slight amount of betrayal with this. Is it real or is it cake? Those perfect steaks are too much!

7. More Betrayal, But This Time, It’s Fully Cooked!

Is it just me? My stomach wanted that meat! But alas, more cake! Will these bakers stop at nothing?

8. This Watermelon Has A Surprise Inside (Hint: It Isn’t Cake)

Definitely not cake, but I’m betting that it did make you smile.


Reply to @bigfanoffgteev123 No one will get this one right. #realorcake #cakeart

♬ House of Memories with guitar christianrlocke – Christian

9. This Can’t Be Cake!

Will the little fellow scamper off? Or is it cake? Bearded dragons are too cute.

10. The Home Version Of Is It Cake Isn’t Quite As Satisfying

The professional bakers did an excellent job recreating realistic-looking cakes. It didn’t go as well for these home bakers.

We hope you enjoyed our foray into “Is it real or is it cake?” The amazing creations of the bakers boggle the brain. If only I could bake and decorate so well! Share with your friends so they can enjoy some cake too!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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