15 Amateur Bakers Who Seriously Overestimated Their Decorating Skills

Cake baking and decorating is a skill that takes hours and hours of practice to master. Yet for some reason, many of us internet dwellers see elaborate cakes online and think to ourselves, “I bet I could do that.”

Spoiler alert: Most of us can’t. It’s a lot harder than it looks to transform flour, sugar, and butter into a piece of edible art! In case you don’t believe us, check out these 15 terrible cake fails that people worked way too hard to make.

1. Red velvet Christmas cake, anyone? The Cocoa Puffs star is our favorite part.

2. How could they do this to Dolly Parton?!

3. Darth Maul is looking a little bloated. Too much salt?

4. A not-so-wonderful Wonder Woman cake.

5. “There was an attempt by my dad to make my brother a Patrick Star birthday cake.”

6. What did Santa ever do to deserve this treatment?

7. I tried making Japanese cotton sponge cake…

8. It’s so embarrassing when you try to make a dragon cake and end up making a crime against nature.

9. Belle, is that you? You look downright beastly!

10. Mmm, rainbow crepe cake. How hard could that be?

11. Those princesses are harder to draw than they look.

12. Poor Elmo. Poor, freaky Elmo.

13. “Friend’s parents tried to redo a Chewbacca cake they found on the internet for his birthday…”

14. When you forget to add the sugar, your sponge cake becomes a gigantic scone.

15. Mirror glazed cake…. Let’s hope it tastes better than it looks.

These hilarious cake disasters make us appreciate the work of a good bakery all the more! On the bright side, the only way to improve your skills is to keep trying. We hope these home chefs never give up!

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