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When Real People Try To Play “Is It Cake” The Results Are Hilarious (And Obvious)!

is it cake game

When you have a great friend group, you can play interesting games. In my friend group, we play “Is it real or is it soap?” One of our group members is a soap maker who forever posts pictures of delicious-looking food items. Every single time, it turns out to be soap. So when I see her post things like this cake, I find myself asking, “Is it real or is it soap?”

Cookies and Cream "Cake" that is really a block of soap. It looks delicious enough to eat.
Image from Facebook.

Sadly, the cookies and cream “cake” is soap. Likewise, this delectable bowl of Froot Loops.

Image shows a cake shaped like a bowl of Froot Loops. Unfortunately, it is soap, not food.
Image from Facebook.

We constantly tease her not to donate to potluck dinners. Her food-inspired soap looks too real. Our whole group is afraid of the consequences of eating her donation!

Another group of friends recently played their version of “Is it real or is it cake?” While they did have a lot of fun with the game, their version was more like a game of “Nailed It!”

The group of friends did have a lot of laughs with their cake game, and so did we. After you watch the clip, join the vote for the best creation. Our vote went solidly to the … Nope, we’re not giving it away!


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