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Matthew Lillard Has Sweet Moment With Disabled Fan, Gives Her VIP Treatment: VIDEO

Image shows actor Matthew Lillard with fan Nicole Adriana.

Having a disability that limits your mobility can make it difficult to maneuver in public spaces. That means attending events where you can meet a celebrity can be stressful. Not all venues make accommodations for persons with disabilities beyond the minimum required by ADA laws. Thankfully, Matthew Lillard went out of his way to accommodate one fan with a medical disability.

In case you need a refresher, Matthew Lillard played Shaggy in “Scooby Doo” in 2002. His most iconic role recently was behind the classic white mask in “Scream.” Finally, in his most recent role he portrayed in Steve Raglan in the highly-anticipated “Five Nights At Freddy’s” movie. His resume includes more than 163 credits for movies, TV appearances, and voice work.

Matthew Lillard
Image from Wikimedia Commons.

During a recent event, Matthew was moving through the crowd, offering high fives. He was greeting the fans while they stood in long lines. When he passed Nicole Adriana, he noted that she was struggling with the line. He beckoned her group to follow him. Leading Nicole’s group through the crowd, Matthew led her to an area with limited access.

Matthew Lillard and fan Nicole Adriana
Images from TikTok.

Nicole wanted her Scream mask signed, but she got so much more that day. Matthew signed her mask and gave her a big hug. Then he asked Nicole if she wanted a picture. She explained that she didn’t have money to get a picture that day. Matthew’s simple response is why she decided to post the story on TikTok.

“That’s not what I said. Do you want to take a picture?” Short and sweet. There for his fans, not the money from selling his pictures. So refreshing. And, of course, this caused Nicole to get all teary-eyed as she responded, “Yes.” Nicole’s whole post is below. Nicole points out that Matthew’s care and concern for disabled fans make this interaction even more special. It is nice to see a star with Matthew’s long list of credits take care of his fans in this heartwarming way!

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