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Hilarious Clip Shows What Happens “When Your Parents Bring Home A New Human.”

Image shows four fur babies glimpsing their new baby sister in her crib.

When you bring home a newborn baby, it is important to integrate them slowly into your home. Whether your new baby will have human siblings, fur siblings, or a combination, it is important to introduce them properly and safely. When this family added a new daughter, their firstborn son wasn’t keen on having a sister at the gender reveal. He backed away slowly and said, “Oh no!” By the time the baby was born, he had a complete change of attitude and couldn’t wait to hold “his” baby.

The fur family in our clip includes two dogs and two cats that we can see. The newborn is nestled safely in its crib. The critters are let into the nursery to see the new baby. The sleeping baby does not know the wonders they will experience with these fur siblings!

Animals checking out the new baby, peering into the crib at the sleeping infant.
Image from TikTok.

You can see the two German shepherds and one cat looking in from the side of the crib. The second cat is peering in through the end. If these animals could talk, you can almost imagine the conversation.

“What is it?”
“I don’t know, but it smells funny.”
“When can we play with it?”

Introducing animals to a new baby can be tricky. Because you know your pets, it is best to develop a plan and make slow, supervised introductions. You’ll want to keep an eye on your furbabies to judge their reactions. Most animals instinctively understand that human babies need special care.

When a family took in a stray cat, they had no idea how the cat would react to their new baby. After taking care of the cat’s medical issues, the family began permitting contact with the baby. They discovered that the cat had a special affinity for their new daughter. Now, the two are inseparable.

In a different introduction story, two golden retriever brothers meet their new human sister. Both are very well-behaved gentlemen. When one offers the baby his toy donut, it makes you lean back and say, “Awww.”

Cockatoo meeting newborn.
Image from YouTube.

Introductions don’t just include furbabies. Some siblings have feathers. When cockatoo owners introduced their new baby to their bird, Buttons was a bit too excited. They backed up to calm him and made a successful attempt later. When asked if they should keep the baby, the bird responded with a happy chirp and a vigorous head bob.

These stories of happy sibling introductions serve as a guide for parents with a new baby. Make slow, intentional introductions, monitoring your pet until you are sure they understand. Most pets will welcome and nurture a new human once they understand it is family. We hope you enjoyed this journey. Please share it with friends.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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