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Family Takes In Injured Stray Cat, Then Mom Notices Special Bond With Newborn.

Over the summer, a Good Samaritan captured a stray cat that had been wandering the streets of Kingston, Ontario and brought her to a farm sanctuary run by Carla Reilly Moore and her husband.

With swollen and infected eyes and a limp caused by a broken pelvis, she was in desperate need of some TLC. And she found it at Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary, which is almost solely focused on rescuing farm animals.

sapphire in carrier
The Dodo

But there was something about this cat that was exceptional and “we took her in, no questions asked,” Carla recalled. “I found myself saying yes before I even knew what I was saying!”

This beautiful Siamese, now named Sapphire, spent the first day in hiding, but her curiosity soon got the better of her. She must have sensed she was finally safe and began exploring her new surroundings, eventually even curling up with both Carla and her husband. But for some reason, she seemed to be especially drawn to their baby, Mary, who was just one month old at the time.

mary and sapphire dozing

Sapphire initially kept her distance, wanting to be close but not too close. It didn’t take long for that gap to close, though, and watching Carla mother her newborn daughter, Sapphire’s own maternal instincts seemed to kick in.


She was uneasy around the family’s dog, so whenever he came by, she would run up to Mary and stand guard as if trying to protect her!


“She just couldn’t seem to get close enough to her,” Carla said. “Then she started to wrap her arms around the baby. She’d snuggle her face right into Mary’s neck.”


By and by, their bond strengthened and deepened, until Carla found them taking naps together, Sapphire’s arm often slung protectively over her little human. These two have been snuggle buddies for the last three months, and Sapphire’s become such a big part of Mary’s life that she even looks over at her when she hears the word “kitty.”


It’s a true love story, Carla says, one that “transcends time, transcends species and may even defy logic.”


It just goes to show, friends comes in all shapes, sizes… and species. Share this story with all your cat-lover friends!

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