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“Are We Gonna Keep Her?” Cockatoo Meets Newborn Baby With Adorable Enthusiasm.

Left frame shows an excited cockatoo. Right frames shows him meeting his new baby sister,

It is a delicate situation when parents introduce animals to the newborn human family. When the pet in question is a cockatoo, it can be pretty spicy. Cockatoos are known for their expressive personalities. Buttons is about to meet his new little sister for the first time. To say that he is enthusiastic would be an understatement.

Cockatoo Buttons meets his newborn baby sister Ananya for the first time.
Image from YouTube.

During the first attempt at an introduction, Buttons began cawing loudly. Since the baby was sleeping, mom held off and let Buttons calm down. Buttons was much calmer on the next try.

Buttons staring wistfully at a sleeping Ananya.
Image from YouTube.

After staring at the baby quietly, the mom raised Buttons and asked, “What do you say to your baby sister?” he responded, “Hi, Babba.” In Cockatoo, we think that translates to “Hi Baby.” When the mom asked if the baby was cute, Buttons responded with a couple of head bobs. When she asked if they should keep her, Buttons responded with vigorous head-bobbing and a joyful little squawk/chirp. I’d call that a “YES!”

close up of baby's face
Image from YouTube.

It got more hilarious when the mom asked Buttons what his baby sister looked like. He meowed perfectly. So well that you’ll be looking for the cat. There is no cat. Ananya, you are super lucky to have a “big brother” like Buttons!

Please Use Caution When Pets Meet Newborns

As with all pet introductions to newborn human babies, we urge caution. A typically quiet and reserved pet may become excitable around an infant. They smell funny, make weird noises, and flail their arms rapidly. Even the calmest pet may respond poorly to all the “new” stimuli. That’s our warning. You know your pets family members better than anyone. Just take new meetings slowly.

Buttons is an Umbrella Cockatoo. He entertains his many fans on Facebook and YouTube. The original meeting video was recorded four years ago. Ananya has grown up with Buttons at her side. He has become her playmate and spent some time as an official (plastic) ice cream taste tester. Visit the YouTube channel to catch up on their entire family! Heartwarming interactions and wholesome entertainment. You might want to set a timer if you have something to do later. Please share this if you enjoyed Buttons and Ananya’s first meeting.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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