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“This Is Not How I Wanna Go Out, Grissom!” Dog Mistakes Mom’s Hood For Toy.

Golden Retriever wrestling his human mom for control of the hood attached to her coat.

Grissom is a happy golden retriever who thought his mom’s hood was a toy. We’ve talked about goldens before; Grissom is no exception to the lineage. He is pure golden all the time. Our video for you today is three years old and has made the rounds. You may recognize it, and that’s okay. We’re looking at it again because it is essential to understand the story behind the video. It’s about how our pets know what we need, even when we don’t. Grissom knew what his human mom needed, and he provided it.

Let’s fill in the backstory. In August 2020, our heroine, Makayla Rogers, went through a rough breakup. She moved from Virginia to Rhode Island and began working 15-hour days. She was concentrating on establishing two new businesses. Grissom was going through what she calls a “pterodactyl” phase, whatever that means. He was beginning his training, and tensions were high. Add to that Makayla’s emotional roller coaster following the breakup, and you have a recipe for something wild. Makayla needed a release of tension, even if she didn’t realize it.

Image shows a woman wrestling with a golden retriever for possession of the hood on her jacket.
Image from YouTube.

Grissom saw that need and answered the call valiantly. The Ring video opens with the two heading outside to play. Makayla had been carrying a frisbee, but that was dropped quickly when the golden retriever grabbed her furry hood. We hear Makayla moaning, “Oh, my god…” She complains that no one prepares you for what to do when things like this happen. In fairness, Grissom thought they were playing, and the hood was a toy. But for Makayla, the incident provided the time she needed to “give up and laugh.”

Image shows a woman lying on her back, laughing uncontrollably because her golden retriever won't let go of her hood.
Image from YouTube.

Reflecting On The Golden Retriever Hood Incident

As Grissom was pulling on Makayla’s hood and dragging her around the deck, she could be heard hollering, “This is not how I want to go out, Grissom!” In her own words, that unbridled laughter was her having a mental breakdown.

We watched the video and laughed because it was indeed hilarious. But Makayla was going through many life changes, and that laughter was a release she didn’t know she needed.

Dog playing tug-of-war and dragging his human around by the hood.
Image from YouTube.

In her Instagram post describing the hood incident, Makayla explains, “… sometimes we don’t get to decide how we display a mental breakdown, but for me, in that moment, all I could do was give up and laugh.” She continues to explain that she needed that laughter for her soul. It is a day that Makayla will never forget.

So, as we rewatch this older clip, remember that laughter is the best medicine. It can mean the difference between remaining on the edge or plummeting headlong in the wrong direction. When you have a choice, lie down and laugh. You’ll feel much better afterward. Share this with someone who might need a laugh to get through the day.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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