Family’s Golden Retriever Instantly Adopts New Infants As His Own.

A golden retriever is best friends with this cute baby.

Buddy the golden retriever used to be the baby of the household, but nowadays he’s been promoted to babysitter. We have to say, he’s doing an excellent job! The Matthews family, better known by their social media handle Life with Malamutes, highlighted some of Buddy’s sweetest moments with their kids in a beautiful YouTube video. Spanning from the puppy’s first visit to the birth of new baby Nathan, the footage shows how much this canine has cared for his “kids” throughout the years. The bond between this golden retriever and the family’s babies is too pure for words.

A golden retriever is best friends with this family's baby.
Screengrab from Life with Malamutes/YouTube

Technically, Buddy doesn’t live in the Matthews household. They explained in an Instagram post that the golden retriever belongs to another relative. However, the pooch still treats Nathan and his older sister, Amelia, as though they were his own!

The golden retriever’s bond with the family’s baby just proves that love knows no bounds. We see plenty of pets grow attached to infants within their own household, but this pup is an “uncle” to the baby and still shares that special bond!

Watch the video below to see the adorable relationship develop between these kids and their four-legged friend.

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