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Cockatoos Greet Each Other In Hilariously Goofy Pet Store Encounter.

Two cockatoos meet in a pet store and immediately have a party together.

When you have a cockatoo, it’s all party all the time! When you take your pet cockatoo to the pet store, and he meets a new girl? You might want to pack your earplugs! Max is a quarter-century-old Moluccan cockatoo with a serious attitude. He is also hilarious by himself. But when he met Q, a younger female Moluccan, the two hit it off instantly, and the party was terrific! And very loud.

Cockatoos meeting each other in the pet store have an impromptu party.
Image from YouTube.

Their fondness for one another was immediate. They began singing, dancing, and squawking up a party in the pet store! Cell phones were at the ready, and everyone was joining in. Both birds were there for snacks but ended up with an awesome play date. The crowd also received a good dose of entertainment value for their trip.

Max seemed a little miffed when Q started to show off. He handled it in typical male bird style by getting louder and displaying his excitement. Every customer in the store laughed and enjoyed the birds as they played. For the most part, the two birds shared the spotlight. They took turns offering solo performances and slid in a few duets for good measure.

Taking turns singing solo performances, these two birds had a blast at their impromptu playdate at the pet store.
Image from YouTube.

Max was a rescue bird, coming from an unpleasant situation when he was rescued 15 years ago. He has bird-siblings, Tycho and Tikal. Tycho is 23 and an African grey who is camera-shy. Tikal is 44 and an Amazon parrot. Their owner says they are a “featherless biped.” We don’t know much about Q, but the two Moluccans seemed to hit it off wonderfully.

We can say, beyond a doubt, that both of these beautiful birds had a grand old time. Their owners maintained control of the situation even when one tried to fly away for a hot minute. If this story made you smile (you know it did!), please share it with your friends.

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